Psychotherapy – Psychotherapy for the Mind and Spirit

Do you feel depressed or anxious?
Do you find it hard to communicate with others?
Do you feel unfullfilled or not living up to your potential?

Through psychotherapy I will work with you to find the source of the problem, cope with it and together we will build a more positive future.

What is Psychotherapy ?

Psychotherapy provides a therapeutic solution for a wide range of issues including: stress in your day-to-day life, difficulty coping, difficulty in maintaining personal relationships, depression, anxiety, loss of satisfaction and motivation.
Therapy is a useful tool not only for coping but also for self-empowerment.

Through therapy you can:

Get to know yourself better.
Find out what is stopping you from advancing and persuing your goals.
Share your thoughts and feelings in a protective nonjudgmental environment.
Find out how to fulfill your potential.

Dr. Shira Cohen- Psychotherapist and Senior Psychiatrist

My name is Dr. Shira Cohen and during these years working as a psychotherapist and psychiatrist I have helped many patients to cope with different issues and to build a fruitful life filled with opportunities.

Patients come to me with a variety of diffuculties including: dealing with low self-esteem, learning positive communication skills and learning how to cope with loss.

Every case is individual, that is why each person's therapy is adapted to their specific issues and needs. 

My emphasis is on creating a welcoming, protective and stress-free environment that will enable each person to speak freely and comfortably about his or her personal feelings.

My clinic is located in Ramat Gan near the Geha and Ayalon highways. You can also easily get to my clinic by public transportation.